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Guchi Electronics Annual Meeting---Welcome the New Year, and Happy New Year!

Release time:2024-02-05

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2023 is a year for us to overcome difficulties and move forward steadily. This year we have witnessed the vigorous development of the company and the common growth of all employees. This is a year full of challenges and opportunities. Fluctuations in market demand, increasingly fierce market competition, and rapid technological updates have all brought considerable pressure. However, we have always maintained firm confidence and a positive attitude, faced difficulties, continued to innovate, and achieved gratifying results. score.

In 2024, we will closely focus on the company's strategic goals of "laying a solid foundation, lean management, improving quality and efficiency, and customer satisfaction", and continue to make up for our shortcomings, seize key points, and promote improvement. The new year has started a new journey. In 2024, let us go hand in hand, work hard for practical results, concentrate our efforts on development, and continue to write a new chapter of Guchi's high-quality development with a new attitude and new pace!