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Guchi Electronics at 2024 PCIM Europe Exhibition

Release time:2024-04-15

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Guchi Electronics is set to exhibit its latest power electronic device product line at the PCIM Europe exhibition, scheduled from June 11th to 13th, 2024, at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center in Germany. PCIM Europe is a significant event in the power electronics field, attracting professionals, technology companies, and industry leaders from around the globe to explore the latest technological trends and innovative solutions.

At the exhibition, Guchi Electronics will present its latest developments in power electronic devices, including but not limited to diodes, rectifier bridges, fast recovery modules, thyristor modules, and more. These products feature advanced technologies and materials, ensuring high efficiency, reliability, and stability, and find extensive applications in power supplies, frequency converters, motor controls, and other power electronics domains. Moreover, Guchi Electronics will offer customized product services tailored to specific customer requirements and application scenarios.

Furthermore, the company's booth will showcase its technological innovations and solutions in power supplies, frequency converters, and other power electronics fields. Technical experts from Guchi Electronics will be available at the exhibition to engage with attendees, discuss industry trends, product applications, and technological challenges in-depth.

Guchi Electronics cordially invites industry colleagues and partners to visit their booth and explore the evolving trends and collaboration opportunities in the power electronics field. They look forward to meeting you at the PCIM Europe exhibition and sharing insights into technological innovations and business development achievements.


Contact Information:,
Booth : Hall 9 Stand 616-1, Dates: June 11th to 13th,  Location:2024 Nuremberg Exhibition Center, Germany