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Announcement: the third employee sports meeting of Gosche has been successfully concluded!

Release time:2023-06-06

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The May breeze wanders through the streets and alleys, while the June flowers bloom on the country paths! In this season of blooming flowers, golden wheat waves, and fragrant peaches and plums, Gosche Electronics proudly hosted its third employee sports meeting. This event aimed to strengthen corporate culture, enrich the sports and cultural life of our employees, enhance physical fitness, foster friendships, tap into employee potential, and improve the cohesion and centripetal force among all our cadres and staff.

With the theme of "Vitality Welcomes the Asian Games, Sports Embrace the Future," this sports meeting attracted six participating teams: the Logistics Team, the Metalworking Workshop Team, the Module Workshop Team, the Fangqiao Workshop Team, the Bianqiao Workshop Team, and the Beima Education Team.

A total of ten events were held during this sports meeting, including basketball matches, tug-of-war, 4x100-meter relay, group rope skipping, crab relay race, table tennis, gomoku, draughts, and fun ring tosses. Over 280 participants took part, and after intense competition, each team achieved excellent results, demonstrating their skills and spirit!

This sports meeting has been a double harvest of sports competition and spiritual civilization. Riding on the momentum of this event, we will further promote and cultivate the spirit of sports, enrich corporate culture, unite our hearts and efforts, and continue to scale new heights in the process of achieving high-quality development for the company.